Busy Week for Disclosure in DC

Today was a very busy day in disclosure news in Washington, DC. Today we had a lengthy announcement by Vice President, Mike Pence, about the launch of the new United States Space Force. Pence highlighted the need for national security by maintaining American dominance in “crowded” outer space.

This week we also found out about a meeting that occurred on August 1, 2018 between space scientists and congress. These scientists approached congress to ask about more funding to continue to search for extra terrestrial life. As reported at Space.com by Meghan Bartels, Nasa associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, Thomas Zurbuchen told congress that “… it’s (ET life) one of the big questions of all humanity.” He went on to talk about how this “will be remembered forever and will provide a level of understanding not just about ourselves but also about our nature.” Michigan Senator Gary Peters asked the scientists a valid question when he asked if we are even searching for extra-terrestrial life in the correct way if “theoretically” ET life is possibly billions of years ahead of us in technology. To which, apparently, there was no response.

At the recent MUFON Banquet at the annual symposium, held in Cherry Hill, NJ, Luis Elizondo of #TTSA and the Pentagon’s #AATIP program said that disclosure had already begun. He explained how disclosure was a process that’s already started. He also said that in one year’s time, we’d be having an entirely different conversation about disclosure than what we’re having now.

It would appear that what we’re witnessing is the biggest paradigm shift to take place in recent history. We’ve got the #TTSA program, we’ve got the #SpaceForce announcement, and we’ve got Nasa scientists lobbying for more money in their search for #ET. Are these all fingers of the same coordinated effort for #Disclosure by the US government? And, if so, what is it that’s to be disclosed? Top-secret government space-age vehicles that we developed ourselves? Or, did we have some help by ET? Either way there’s no doubt about it that Luis Elizondo was telling the truth. What we’re seeing is the groundwork being laid for the disclosure of something spectacular.

Teresa Tindal, 9 August 2018

Published by TheTindalReview

I started out on a quest to uncover the truth about a childhood UFO experience. What I have uncovered has been shocking, horrifying, and awe inspiring. Join me on my journey for the Truth. THIS is my Great Awakening.

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