My name is Teresa Tindal. I am a direct descendant of William Tyndale, the Bible translator. At ten years old I had a gold disk UFO/ UAP encounter that set me on a quest to find the truth.

I have an associates degree in substance abuse counseling, an associates degree in medical laboratory technology, a bachelor of science in psychology, and work towards my doctorate in clinical neuropsychology.

I’m known for my many public speaking engagements & interviews on the UFO/ UAP subject, my appearances on the Travel Channel & Discovery UK as an expert in the UFO field and I’m a trained former field investigator & Maryland State Director for MUFON, the world’s largest civilian UFO investigative group & database. I’m considered an expert in the gold disk phenomenon.

I had the distinction of being the first and only registered Congressional Lobbyist on the UFO issue. I spent over 20 years inside the beltway searching for answers & lobbying congress for investigations & answers. I have sacrificed everything to fight evil & stand up for Truth. While searching for answers to bizarre & painful incidents in my life, I have uncovered more truth than I was ready for.

With a background firmly rooted in science I applied the scientific method to research the UFO phenomenon. What I have found has been startling & certainly not what I was expecting.

I was not prepared to find my answers in the scriptures. Many have gone along to get along; I am not cut from that cloth. I feel an ethical & moral obligation to shine light into darkness and to bring the Truth of my research to the world. Click the “blog” menu on the homepage to follow my journey for the truth.

Thank you for being here. I recognize that much of this information is going to be shocking and/ or very upsetting for some. This has certainly been my emotional response. My previous worldview literally died & was quite literally reborn.

Email: TindalReview@gmail.com

Facebook: The Tindal Review

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