The Embassies of the World Mission

On June 20, 2018, I began my global mission for truth. That is when I began my campaign writing to various embassies in Washington, DC, asking them if they have an official policy on the existence of extra terrestrials (ET). The first three countries I decided to approach regarding this issue were the big ones in UFOlogy; Russia, France, and Brazil. I chose these three countries because of their longstanding history with UFO/UAP phenomenon. As of this date, 8 August, 2018, I am still awaiting an acknowledgment that my email was received, let alone an official response. I plan to continue with my quest for the Truth by continuing my requests of embassies in DC. Next, I plan to approach the United Kingdom, Japan and China. Japan is of particular interest as the Japanese First Lady, Yukio Hatoyama, wrote about her own alien abduction experience in her 2008 book, “Very Strange Things I’ve Encountered.”


Below, is a copy of my e-mail requests:

June 20 2018


I’m writing to you to ask what the (Russian/ French/ Brazilian) government’s official position is on the existence of extra terrestrials.

Does your government have a public policy on this issue? Does your government acknowledge that it’s a possibility? Does your government acknowledge that it’s possible we’ve already been visited or are currently being visited?
Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Teresa Tindal
(my phone number)

Published by TheTindalReview

I started out on a quest to uncover the truth about a childhood UFO experience. What I have uncovered has been shocking, horrifying, and awe inspiring. Join me on my journey for the Truth. THIS is my Great Awakening.

One thought on “The Embassies of the World Mission

  1. Hello I believe aliens exist and I have written a story about how their help earthlings avoid a major catastrophe and I was wondering if you could suggest publishers since you’re in the business. Also I’m a 1982 grad from University of Maryland.

    Many thanks
    John Draper


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