Pentagon Officials Say Mothership is Possibly Sending Probes to Earth

I’ve got to vet this.

While it absolutely breaks my heart to say this, as an American and as a former Air Force “brat” and spouse, I just don’t trust the Pentagon. I feel they have lost so much credibility.

When the Pentagon plus however many other intelligence agencies can’t seem to tell the difference between “crickets, mass hysteria, Cubans and radiation brain injuries,” it’s just embarrassing.

Believe me, I am the first one who wants to believe that there is a much greater force such as aliens or Ancient Annunaki or just someone or some thing better than this crap and it’s coming or is already here. But I have a lot of questions about why this falls under the purview of the United States Military and Pentagon.

Why is it that they are trying so hard to control the narrative? It would seem to me, that unless there is a great military threat to the United States, that the subject of Extra Terrestrial life should fall to the greatest scientists, theologians and religious leaders.

Come to think of it, Old Testament God was pretty angry about what happened in this place 😳 (the button in the screenshot says “visit.” No. No thank you!🙏🏼

So this begs the question, and Heaven forgive me for asking this question, but why is the Pentagon attempting to seemingly control the narrative and why now?

Oh, look, it’s the aliens! (Don’t look at all of these radiation injuries we are struggling to explain right now)

Is this a domestic psy-ops operation to distract the public from a failing economy, failing banks, failing dollar, a bunch of un-prosecuted pedophiles in positions of authority, and a plethora of injuries, and even deaths, which have involved CHILDREN in which all indications seem to point to radiation injuries?

I’ve always found the aliens incredibly convenient for these intelligence agencies with well documented histories of human experimentation (you know who you are. I’ll always love you, darling 😘).

So many of these obvious radiation injuries dubiously dubbed “Havana Syndrome,” they blamed on the Cubans, the “aliens,” the crickets, the ether, mental illness, anything but themselves. How convenient that one can’t subpoena an alien! Do we have an address yet for that mothership? I’ve got some subpoenas that need delivering!

Jacques Vallee, “Forbidden Science 4” Released on this website on my birthday of last year. Best birthday present ever. Merci beaucoup de gratitude!

Wait a minute… did I just solve Havana Syndrome and SOME UFO/ UAP encounters? Nah, it’s probably just my mental illness talking.

Why is the United States pentagon working so hard to control this narrative? Why do they actively target other voices, other stories, basically any other view-points? It would only make sense for this to be an issue for the Pentagon if there is a militaristic threat from the “others.”

I mean, yeah, Old Testament God WAS pretty pissed off. Is that what this is? Does the United States military really think they are going to go up against an… “alien” force? I think I saw that movie…

Better call in Will Smith!

So I am going to vet this information.

I have absolutely no doubt that there is an ancient presence on this Earth and that it is still here and that it still interacts with human beings. It is written and documented in nearly all of the Great Books. However, I fail to understand why this is under the purview of the United States Pentagon.

I have reached out to unaffiliated Professors of Astronomy, the space agencies of other countries, various religious leaders, other scientists & to Great Kings. I’ll believe there’s a “mother ship” when I hear it from at least three, unconnected, independent sources. That is the way of the scientific method.

In the interim I think all we can do is stay open-minded, stay in the vibration of love, be skeptical, be grounded and follow the Golden Rule… especially now… more than ever… love thy neighbor as you would love yourself.

Many Blessings.

Teresa Tindal, Utah, USA 3/15/23