America’s Daughter’s Are Crying Out; Is ANYBODY Listening???

Teresa Tindal, 18 September 2021

This past week, an ENTIRE UNITED STATES OLYMPIC TEAM testified before congress about the sexual abuse that they endured which went on covered up by officials and particularly FBI, for years.
Hey Chris… it’s not just the US Olympic team you’ve let down. Where are the rest of our apologies? Are you a pervert, too, or are you just apologizing for them?

Just stop and let that sink in for a minute.

AN ENTIRE UNITED STATES OLYMPIC WOMEN’S TEAM testified before congress that the FBI knew about Larry Nassar and his sexual abuse of an ENTIRE TEAM of our top female athletes. Nobody did anything then. Is anybody going to do anything now?

For absolute f*cking shame.

Where were the people who were supposed to protect girls from predators? Is there parental responsibility? Certainly local law enforcement and federal law enforcement have failed victims. The judicial system is repeatedly used as a means to punish those who speak out or seek justice so that’s a complete failure. Will these cries for help fall on deaf ears in this congress, too? I believe we’re being heard but we’re being attacked by the very systems who are supposed to protect us.

I find it a real testimony to the strength and faith of America’s girls and women, however. These world champion, Olympic athletes somehow STILL found it within themselves to go before the entire world and perform to the best of their abilities to represent their country knowing in their hearts it was all a well executed show where they had to hide immense amounts of inner pain before the world and act like nothing was wrong. God bless you, ladies. You really are highly disciplined warriors.

I’m sure they were all terrified to speak up and press charges. I’m sure they were terrified of what the world would think of Olympic athletes who were child sex abuse victims by the Olympic team DOCTOR. Would there be retribution? Why were the systems designed to protect and defend those girls failing them? Just how far did they have to be pushed to decide to testify before Congress that the FBI not only failed them and enabled their rapist, but that they were served up “on a silver platter” by the FBI to a child rapist? Individual victims can be attacked, intimidated or discredited but attempting to discredit or intimidate an entire team of Olympic gymnasts might prove a little more challenging.

How many women of high profile have to cry out to the world about the systematic sexual abuse that they’ve had to endure which was covered up and even enabled by authorities? How many women of high profile are going to have to come forward and tell their stories of the extreme systematic harassment they’ve endured after they came forward to press charges against their abusers? Rose McGowan has spoken very publicly about how she was hunted down after speaking out against her rapist and unbelievably weird childhood upbringing. An ENTIRE F*CKING OLYMPIC WOMEN’S TEAM just testified before congress and still, the victims are hunted and harassed and nobody is protecting us.

I have been chased from coast to coast to coast after I came forward and pressed charges against my childhood abusers, two of whom have been convicted and one of whom worked as a contractor for the Department of Defense. They raped me and tortured animals in front of me for years after they started grooming me at age 12. They admitted what happened on tape. I still have the recording. They were sentenced to the lightest level of probation and were only held accountable for a couple of months out of YEARS of abuse. Thanks, Tucson, Arizona. How’s your police chief enjoying that new border position he was appointed to by Biden?

The public doesn’t know how much we are enduring to come forward to press charges against our abusers nor does the public know about the amount of retaliation we are enduring for speaking out.

I have been attacked and chased through a restaurant in Santa Fe literally running through restaurant security who did absolutely nothing while I had to hide in a building out back and wait for someone to come get me. Someone in a black truck attempted to run me off of the road in North Carolina on my way to meet a man with a name I later found out doesn’t exist in background databases. At a MUFON meeting in New Jersey, some little twit tried to pour “holy water” into my drink and I only caught it because the tall man behind me could see and tipped me off. In Epstein County, ugh, I mean Santa Fe County, I was attacked, drugged, raped, microwaved and my 4 year old dog was suddenly at death’s door.

This is what is done to the families of those who speak out. Sebastian was just 4 years old. He suddenly developed multi-system organ failure and had to be euthanized. You were our best buddy, Sebastian. We’ll never forget you.

Oddly enough, neither the rape kit nor the drug test have come back, even after an entire year in Epstein County after I was roofied, raped and kicked out of my rental house during COVID and three days before I was to appear in court for the first time against one of my abusers.

I had a team attempt to drug me and set a scene on New Years Eve in front of my daughter. I was drugged in front of my daughter. I was harassed by Epstein County judges. Epstein County judges refused to enforce my custody agreement from Virginia after my ex husband kidnapped our daughter from Virginia to Epstein County. In fact, the very judicial system that was responsible for holding somebody accountable for Epstein ranch took full custody of my daughter from me and reduced my visitation to two hours in a public place on Sundays. There have been multiple attempted break-ins to my home. A German citizen and Project Paper Clip Daughter knowingly exposed me to sewage water, which I have her on tape admitting to and she’s allowed to remain operating within an hour of the largest nuclear storage facility in the world!? I became life threateningly ill from the exposure to dirty water. If my therapist had not recommended I seek security, I’d likely be dead right now.

Albuquerque is nothing more than a city of people with serious social and socioeconomic disadvantages who serve as a city of human shields against nuclear attack. Wait, I thought only dictators pulled those kinds of stunts? Do the reservations know they are being used as human, nuclear shields?

My own family even turned on me as I turned in my childhood sex traffickers. An odd response considering most families would provide extra support and love during such a difficult time. There’s only one way to reconcile that and still, nobody gets indicted or arrested. Nobody is held accountable and victims who could be witnesses are repeatedly attacked and aggressive attempts are made to discredit us.

We’ve had abuse and sexual abuse survivors from many places come forward; Hollywood, academia, media, government, sports, churches, and the military. The military and government are two of the worst places to try to seek help because sometimes it does almost feel like they are complicit in it. Just ask Vanessa Guillen, Monica Witt, or the FBI’s own Bonnie Delgado who wrote before her death, “I am determined to have a different outcome to my story.” The FBI couldn’t keep their own d*mned female employee safe from her abusive ex husband? Were they too busy conducting Face Book Investigations while their colleague was slaughtered in front of her small children in her own home?

I think this Air Force, Lady Bird Colonel sums it up the best:

Well old Betsy might just be right, after all. As my TV show began to appear around the world Mr. BS (His real initials and oddly appropriate) from Air Force Office of Special Investigations at Quantico began to send me love texts on the regular:

Thanks B. You sure are one hilarious dude.

I know Mr. B.S. was from OSI because I made him show me his badge at the Applebees off of I95 and Garrisonville Road in Stafford, Virginia. Thanks, B. You’re a heck of a guy. Did you take a course in sexually harassing women or was that all natural ability? Is this what you did to Monica Witt that drove her to the point of feeling she was safer with our enemies than in our own military?

Here’s another gem of a fella. I personally know that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Why aren’t his little buddies arrested, too? The second best part of the thrill is sharing the pictures with your friends, isn’t it?
I wonder why they just call him a “long time government employee?” Why so vague, guys? Why so smug looking, Mr. Serial Rapist? Almost like you’re a psychopath who is smug about everything you’re getting away with? Nah… *Cough cough* (South America Desk).

So, let me just spell this out. Those little girls who were just little girls being sexually abused a decade or more a go are now grown up. And, guess what… it’s an understatement to say that we didn’t like that. In fact, we will never be intimidated into silence again.

Who is going to be held accountable for the sexual abuse cover ups that clearly occurred for decades? I wrote to every single member of the senate intelligence committee about the retaliation I was incurring as I’ve sought justice. I wrote to my Senator in Epstein County, Mr. Martin Heinrich, Senior United States Senator from New Mexico. Is it just me or is it odd that a German would be in charge of a state that contains 1/5 of the world’s nuclear arsenal yet Germans represent approximately 1-2% of the population of New Mexico?

In closing, I only have this to say…

I am sending out an SOS. America’s daughter’s and children in general are NOT SAFE. If I had alone blown the whistle that United States Daughters were being sexually abused, I am just one person and as has been demonstrated, my daughter and I are easily targeted. Take me down if you must. Take down every woman who has had a glimpse behind the veil into the world of sexual blackmail for state benefit. However, it will prove impossible to take down and discredit an entire women’s Olympic Team.

Raping, drugging, touching, intimidating, assaulting and sexually assaulting United States Citizens is NOT OK. Sure, in the short term there may be enough losers with no backbones who are willing to sell out the best girls, young women and women of the United States. In the long term, history will not remember ANY of you kindly. Sh*t men lead to sh*t legacies.

This is my message in a bottle. I support our troops. I support our police. God Bless you all! However, it is the leadership who is a problem. I sit here, sincerely hoping from my heart that SOMEBODY hears the pleas of United States sexual assault survivors. We are your wives, daughters, sisters and mothers and not a single United States propaganda channel is telling our story.

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