What Really Happened at Roswell; A Hypothesis

4 September 2021

“Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John, 8:32

As anyone who has just briefly looked into the UFO/ UAP enigma can attest to, the most notorious story in the United States UFO folklore is the Roswell incident. For the benefit of anyone who has been living under a rock for a lifetime, I will briefly quote from Wikipedia.

According to Wikipedia:

“The Roswell incident is the 1947 crash of a United States Army Air Forces balloon at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico, and the subsequent conspiracy theories claiming that the crash involved a flying saucer, and that the truth had been covered up by the United States government. On July 8, 1947, Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) issued a press release stating that they had recovered a “flying disc” from a ranch near Roswell. The Army quickly retracted the statement and said instead that the crashed object was a conventional weather balloon. The Roswell incident did not surface again until the late 1970s, when a retired lieutenant colonel, in an interview with a researcher of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), alleged that the weather balloon account had been a cover-story. Ufologists began promoting a variety of increasingly elaborate conspiracy theories, claiming that one or more alien spacecraft had crash-landed and that the extraterrestrial occupants had been recovered by the military, which then engaged in a cover-up. In 1994, the United States Air Force published a report identifying the crashed object as a nuclear test surveillance balloon from Project Mogul. A second Air Force report, published in 1997, concluded that stories of “aliens bodies” probably stemmed from test dummies being dropped from high altitude. Conspiracy theories about the event nevertheless persist, and the Roswell incident continues to be of interest in popular media. The incident has been described as “the world’s most famous, most exhaustively investigated, and most thoroughly debunked UFO claim.”

As my popularity as a UFO researcher began to grow around the world more and more people began to reach out to me. Some people were crazy, some people were US intelligence trying to feed me stories, some people were from unnamed agencies trying to find out exactly what I really knew but most people were just every day, regular people who had experienced some sort of UFO or bizarre encounter and those people really needed someone to talk to about what were very profound experiences in their lives. Even still, as the stigma of the UFO subject has been somewhat de-stigmatized by a massive push in the media by a self proclaimed whistle blower from the Pentagon, people are hesitant to start talking about their highly strange experiences. So, when those people get an opportunity to speak to someone they know will believe them, they reach out. I spent most of my days talking to experiencers about their encounters.

One person reached out to me who really stood out from the others. This person, whom I will refer to as Alex, said that their grandfather was at Roswell when the crash happened. Feeling like the Roswell incident was a subject that had been exhausted, I listened but with little interest. However, as I had more and more communication with Alex, I began to realize that Alex had a pretty interesting story.

Alex went on to tell me that their grandfather was a nuclear medicine nurse stationed at Roswell Army Airfield back in 1947. When the crash occurred Alex’s grandfather was summoned to the crash site. This really peaked my interest. Why would a nuclear medicine nurse be summoned to a crash site for an alleged flying saucer, weather balloon or nuclear test surveillance balloon unless it was suspected that people were exposed to radiation? So, in spite of my disinterest in Roswell, I began to take another look at the case and to further interview Alex.

As I spoke to Alex more and more it became clear to me that Alex was telling the truth as Alex knew it. I traveled to meet Alex and I met Alex’s family. I saw the grandfather’s military ID’s which identified the grandfather as a chief in the United States Air Force. What was interesting to me was that the grandfather had been Army and the United States Air Force was created just months after the Roswell incident.


Anybody who looks back on the Roswell case can see that something clearly happened and Army leadership got caught off guard without a reasonable explanation or cover story. First, it was a flying saucer. Then, it was a weather balloon. To me, this indicates that they were rushing to placate the media, and clearly couldn’t keep their story straight. Now we ask, well why would Army leadership not be able to keep their story straight? We’re expected to believe that the United States Army couldn’t tell the difference between an alleged extra terrestrial flying saucer or a weather balloon? If that’s the case, that’s a serious national security issue. However, it seems clear to me that they were rushing to cover up something unexpected. This makes sense considering most of the state of New Mexico is basically military research and development. From the Army White Sands Missile Range in the south of the state to the Los Alamos National Laboratory outside of Santa Fe, famous for the research and development of the nuclear bomb, to the Raytheon facility located on the Navajo Nation in Farmington, New Mexico, the government likes to research, experiment and develop new technologies in the sparse New Mexico desert where the education is the lowest in the country and poverty and homelessness are rampant. What better place to conduct dangerous research than in a desert full of people who are struggling anyway? I wonder if Raytheon knows anything about those “Star People?” Why would they have a facility on the Navajo Nation? (These are questions I will explore at a future date)


So, as I began to speak more and more with Alex and Alex’s family I discovered that Air Force grandpa was indeed summoned to the Roswell incident. Alex’s mother recalled living in Roswell during that time. The most disturbing part that I heard from this family was that Air Force, nuclear medicine nurse grandpa radiated his own wife while she was pregnant with their first child. The family told me that woman suffered serious effects from being exposed to radiation in utero.

So, the obvious question becomes, why did a USAF nuclear medicine nurse expose his pregnant wife to radiation? Let’s look at the facts that we know to be true about radiation experiments in the United States.

On 3 October 1995, President Clinton made a public apology to the American people and specifically to United States citizens and their families who had been unwitting test subjects in radiation experiments.


This Clinton apology is interesting for multiple reasons. First, was the USAF nuclear medicine nurse conducting radiation experiments on his own pregnant wife and if so was it out of personal interest or was it for the USAF? We already know grandpa was stationed at a research and development base and was allegedly involved in Roswell because he was a nuclear medicine nurse. Would a father knowingly conduct radiation experiments on his own wife and child? Well, unfortunately, there is precedent for just this.

Meet Christina from Tucson, Arizona. Christina gives testimony that her own father was involved with a “Dr. Green” who experimented on Christina with radiation experiments and drugs when she was a child and without her consent. This is a transcript of what Christina testifies to:

“I’m Christina (inaudilbe) born July, 1962 rendering me 32 years of age. I was a subject in radiation as well as mind control and drug experiments performed by a man I knew as Dr. Green. My parents were divorced around 1966 and Donald Richard Ebner, my natural father, was involved with Dr. Green in the experiments. I was a subject from 1966 to 1976. Dr. Green performed radiation experiments on me in 1970 focusing on my neck, throat and chest. 1972 focusing on my chest and my uterus in 1975. Each time I became dizzy, nauseous and threw up. All of these experiments were performed on me in conjunction with mind control techniques and drugs in Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Green was using me mostly as a mind control subject from 1966 to 1973. His objective was to gain control of my mind and train me to be a spy assasin. The first significant memory took place at Kansas City University in 1966. Don Ebner took me there by plane when my mom was out of town. I was in what looked like a laboratory and there seemed to be other children. I was strapped down, naked, spread eagle, on a table on my back. Dr. Green had electrodes on my body including my head. He used what looked like an overhead projector and repeatedly said he was burning images into my brain while a red light flashed at my forehead. In between each sequence he used electric shock on my body and told me to go deeper and deeper while repeating each image would go deeper into my brain and I would do whatever he told me to do. I felt drugged because he had given me a shot before he started the procedure. When it was over he gave me another shot. The next thing I remember I was with my grandparents again in Tucson, Arizona. I was 4 years old. You can see from this experiment that Dr. Green used trauma, drugs, post-hypnotic suggestion, and more trauma in an effort to gain total control of my mind. He used me in radiation experiments both for the purposes of determining the effects of radiation on various parts of my body and to terrorize me as an additional trauma in the mind control experiments. The rest of the experiments took place in Tucson, Arizona out in the desert. I was taught how to pick locks, be secretive, use my photographic memory and a technique to withhold information by repeating numbers to myself. Dr. Green moved on to wanting me to kill dolls that looked like real children. I stabbed a doll with a spear once after being severely traumatized but the next time I refused. He used many pain (inaudible) techniques but as I got older I resisted more and more. He often tied me down in a cage which was near his office. Between 1972 and 1976 he and his assistants were sometimes careless and left the cage unlocked. Whenever physically possible I snuck into his office and found files and reports with memos addressed to CIA and military personnel. Included in these files were projects, sub projects, and experiment names with some code numbers for radiation and mind control experiments which I have submitted in your written documentation. I was caught twice and Dr. Green ruthlessly used electric shock, drugs, spun me on a table, put shots in my stomach, in my back, dislocated my joints and hypnotic techniques to make me feel crazy and suicidal. Because of my rebellion and growing lack of cooperation they gave up on me as a spy assassin. Consequently, the last two years, 1974 and 1976, Dr. Green used various mind control techniques to reverse the spy assassin messages, to self destruct and (inaudible) messages. His purpose.. he wanted me dead and I struggled to stay alive all of my adult life… all of my adult life. I believe it is by the grace of God that I am still alive. These horrible experiments have profoundly affected my life. I developed multiple personality disorder because Dr. Green’s goal was to split my mind into as many parts as possible so he could control me totally. He failed. But I’ve had to endure years of constant physical, mental and emotional pain even to this day. I’ve been in therapy consistently for twelve years and it wasn’t until I found my current therapist two and a half years a go who had knowledge of the mind control experiments that I finally have been able to make real progress and begin to heal. In closing, I ask that you keep in mind that the memories that I have described are but a glimpse of the countless others that took place over the ten years between 1966 and 1976. That they weren’t just radiation but mind control and drug experiments as well. I have included more detailed information of what I remember in your written documentation. Please help us by recommending an investigation and making the information available so that therapists and other mental health professionals can help more people like myself. I know I can get better. I am getting better. And I know others can too, with the proper help. Please help us in an effort to prevent these heinous acts from continuing in the future. Thank you very much.” (Applause).


So, sadly, it is not unprecedented for a parent to participate in subjecting their own child to radiation experiments.

I find multiple things interesting about this testimony and presidential apology. First, President Clinton’s apology took place approximately six years after my own sighting of something extraordinary in Tucson, Arizona. Second, I endured a serious brain injury that was unexplained but is consistent with exposure to radiation. Third, my own mother, the current Chief Psychologist for the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations for the past 25 years, took me for hypnosis at her work previous to joining the USAF. Her colleague at a place called “Contact,” formerly in the Williams Business Park in Tucson, Arizona “hypnotized” me to explore my “past lives.” I was approximately ten years old. Additionally, I was repeatedly raped starting at age thirteen by a Raytheon employee and this went on for years. He and his now ex-wife groomed me for months starting at the horse stables I kept my horses at. They used my love for animals to lure me in and frequently the Raytheon employee would abuse the family puppy within feet of me in a squalid little trailer in the middle of the desert outside of Tucson. He and his ex wife have been sentenced for what they did to me in the early 1990’s. They gave me drugs, they bought me cigarettes, they sexually assaulted me and this was all just within years of experiencing a spectacular gold disc in the sky, in the daytime, over my house. I have many, many questions about all of this that I will explore in future posts.

It is my current hypothesis that part of the UFO coverup has to do with nuclear energy. It is extremely well documented that many people who have had close contact to bizarre crafts or experience very bizarre happenings also suffer from a plethora of health problems almost all of which could be side effects of radiation exposure. If I was an unethical researcher attempting to conduct extremely illegal research on unwitting people I would certainly push aliens, fairies, mermaids, mermen, Godzilla, Bigfoot anything to take the focus off of me. I’d point people down any rabbit hole possible to avoid accountability and questions. Extra terrestrials are the perfect cover story as it would be impossible to hold one accountable for injuries incurred by the “alien” experiments.

I believe it is a very good possibility that the most recent USAF explanations are the closest to the truth of what happened at Roswell, they’re just not the whole truth. Rule number one in intelligence… hide in plain sight. Rule number two… give partial truth mixed in with total bullshit to confuse and control the narrative. Given everything stated above it is my hypothesis that what happened at Roswell was a craft that was experimental and run on some type of nuclear power (nuclear and plasma propulsion are also another topic I will explore at a future date). There were most likely human pilots inside and something happened causing them to crash thereby exposing the pilots and crew to radiation. That is the most likely explanation that I can see which explains the call for a nuclear medicine nurse, the DOD’s fascination with human radiation experiments, the multiple injuries and even deaths that have occurred which line up nearly perfectly with radiation exposure, and the lack of actual evidence for actual space aliens. It explains the obvious panic that Army leadership had trying to explain what happened at Roswell in 1947.

In summary, I believe it is a very good possibility that Roswell was a nuclear accident involving top secret, experimental craft and crew or pilots who were exposed to radiation.

Once again, I am open to hearing all of the evidence. I would be delighted to meet an actual extra terrestrial so if there’s any overwhelming evidence that my hypothesis is wrong, I’d love to see it.

Teresa Tindal, September 2021, USA.

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