Well, Here We Are So… What’s the Plan? Is the UAP Energy Source the Answer to Our Climate Crisis?

7 August 2021

As I sit here with my eyes, sinus passages, throat and lungs burning from unprecedented smoke that has blown over three states from the United States west coast, I ask myself over and over again… so what is the plan? Today, Salt Lake City, Utah has the worst air quality in the ENTIRE WORLD. The air quality is reportedly worse than Bangladesh and worse than China. We’re told to stay indoors, use N95 masks if we need to go outside, and not to exercise. The visibility is extremely low and the gorgeous mountain ranges I can usually see are completely obstructed by smoke. I can smell the smoke inside the house. My dog’s eyes are watering from the smoke in the air. I periodically hold a damp rag to my face to filter out the smoke. I periodically wipe my dog’s runny eyes to get the smoke particulate matter off of her face. But, this isn’t normal. NONE of this is normal. So I keep asking the same question… WHAT IS THE FREAKING PLAN??

There’s an entire highway and huge mountain range that is completely obstructed from view by the thick smoke from fires over two states away.

I can’t help but think back to my crash course in climate change science at the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) conference that I attended in Bonn, Germany in November of 2018. At that time the projections for serious, irreversible, existential threat from a warming planet were for ten to fifteen years out. I realize now that those predictions were too optimistic. The burning of my respiratory system and of my eyes tells me that serious, life threatening climate change is not a future event. This is it. It’s here and here I sit, in the midst of it, tears rolling down my face. Tears rolling down my dog’s face. I knew this was coming but even I was not prepared for it to hit this soon.


I just happened to be visiting a friend in Oregon when an unprecedented heat dome set over the area. The Pacific northwest is not known for triple digit heat. Very few houses have central air conditioning and it is a hugely agricultural area. With wet towels draped around our necks, we hosed down the dogs multiple times per day to keep them cool. I watched as the beautiful, bountiful garden filled with huge squash plants, potatoes, tomatoes, herbs and turnips scorched and wilted to the ground in just twenty four hours. It is said that despite the cooling centers that were set up during the Pacific Northwest heat dome, “hundreds likely died as a result of the heat.


What has kept me up at night is thinking about the unprecedented drought that the United States Southwest is experiencing. What especially breaks my heart is to see pictures of the mighty, majestic saguaro cacti that I grew up with laying dead on the ground from unprecedented drought and heat. Livestock is starving to death and wells are drying up across the entire region.


My experiences are minimal compared to what others around the country and the world have faced. There has been historic flooding in Germany where dozens of people have died. In places like India, the monsoon patterns have changed so much that there’s either too little water and people are dying from famine and drought or too much water and people are dying from drowning, disease and loss of infrastructure. Of course the California and Southern Oregon droughts are historic in the fires that have resulted.

Anybody can do five minutes of research and find sources from the United States Department of Defense (DOD) who conducted studies on climate change and it’s potential effects on national security. It’s been clear for decades that the US DOD was aware of the potential threats to US military missions and installations around the world. In fact, many reports have been prepared for congress and published for the public. Here is an example of a report from January 2019.


So again, I come back to my original question… what is the plan? Clearly DOD has been thinking about how to harden infrastructure and adapt military missions as climate change becomes a more serious threat. My question is where is the plan for us, the average citizen? Who is going to do something about the unprecedented fires, unprecedented drought, unprecedented smoke, the unprecedented flooding? Certainly someone must have had a plan for the common folks… right? I am seriously beginning to wonder if I am overly optimistic about the functioning and care of our government and world leaders. Were they ever able to place the common good over personal greed? I like to think the best about people, until they prove me wrong. However, as I have to continuously pause in my writing of this article to breath through a damp cloth covering my face, I begin to ask myself… does anybody have a plan to turn this global climate crisis around?

Once again I am brought back to my experience with the gold disc that I encountered as a child in Tucson, Arizona. I am brought back to all of the experiencer stories I have personally heard, first-hand, as a former MUFON state director and prior field investigator. If there has been a cohesive message from this group of people, whom I believe have certainly experienced something of a profound nature, that message has been about the concern for our environment. I am not about to go into what or who is responsible for these encounters and experiences, which is a debate that has continued on for decades. What I believe is important now is that not only have I personally witnessed and experienced a technology that was clearly not fossil fuel based, but thousands of credible witnesses have witnessed the same things.

Most recently, we have heard about the tic-tac crafts witnessed by multiple US Navy pilots which has been widely publicized in the main stream media since 2017. It is clear when one looks into the six observables (the cited article only mentions “five observables.” From my conversations with high ranking officials the “sixth observable is “human effects”) that these crafts are not fossil fuel based. Additionally, the US Navy holds a patent for a compact fusion reactor which Forbes refers to as “A Breakthrough in US Energy Dominance.”

So this begs the questions… what are these crafts? Why has congress been so blasé about the UFO/ UAP topic? Are these media pushes regarding the UFO/ UAP topic just counterintelligence tactics attempting to fool our adversaries into believing something? Why is congress and the administration so apathetic about the current climate crisis? While politicians sue each other and make personal attacks on one another, ROME IS BURNING. People are DYING and LOSING THEIR ENTIRE LIVES! It feels like US and world leaders are playing their lutes waiting for Rome to burn to the ground while us peasants scurry across a sinking ship.

When I discuss this topic with my colleagues in the field they agree. As my colleague and friend, Zac Cichy, host of the podcast “Project Human” said, “If we’re all going to dance around the idea of crash retrievals and science that can generate clean energy, while a total climate disaster is happening, what are we doing here?” Louis Elizondo was asked for comment. However, he did not respond to requests for comment on this subject.

I remember back to my brief discussions with Dr. James Green, Director of the Planetary Science Division at NASA headquarters, while we were at the UNOOSA meeting. I’ll never forget what he told me. He said that the time for debate about climate change is over. It’s now time to figure out how to adapt and nobody is having that discussion. Why aren’t people having that discussion? As I drive through the desert southwest and look at all of the new construction of apartments and housing while the primary water source, Lake Powell, is at it’s lowest recorded level, I think to myself… how is everyone just going on like it’s life as usual? Do people not realize we’re in the midst of a global climate crisis? Or do people just not care until their own taps run dry?

I don’t claim to know the answers to these questions. However, what I do know is that I have personally witnessed a craft with unbelievable capabilities that was not operating on fossil fuels. As we head into the fourth industrial revolution of artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, quantum computing and space exploration, I have to assume that somewhere there is an answer to our current climate catastrophe. My only question now is if that answer is going to apply to everybody or only a select few of super wealthy elite who survive what sometimes seems to be the first purges of society as resources dwindle and our current way of life becomes more and more unsustainable.

Teresa Tindal, August 2021, Utah, USA.

Published by TheTindalReview

I started out on a quest to uncover the truth about a childhood UFO experience. What I have uncovered has been shocking, horrifying, and awe inspiring. Join me on my journey for the Truth. THIS is my Great Awakening.

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