Letter Writing Campaign to Congress

Teresa Tindal, Maryland MUFON State Director, Field Investigator, Co-Host and Producer of the “Disclosure Wire,” and Federal Lobbyist

28 October 2019

On July 16, 2019 Congressman Mark Walker of North Carolina wrote a letter to the Secretary of the United States Navy, Richard Spencer, regarding the recent revelations in the media about the UFO/ UAP phenomenon. He asked many important questions which are deserving of answers.

As a lobbyist on this issue in DC I spend most of my days speaking to people about the UFO/ UAP topic. Once I tell people what I do their eyes light up and I usually get to hear a very personal story or a story about a family member or friend who was deeply touched by an encounter of some sort. Everybody from my Uber drivers to people on the Hill secretly all really want to talk about these issues and they would like to have some answers. The only thing stopping us from openly discussing these issues in the manner they are deserving of is stigma. I work every day to help reduce that stigma and I know that many of you do, too. One thing we can do to help show congress that the stigma is gone and that these are issues we want to hear about is to send them a letter. So, we are starting a letter writing campaign.

If you would like to participate, below you will find a sample letter that you can use to get going. We need to let our Senators and Congressmen know that we have some serious, legitimate questions and that we would like to have some serious, real answers.

Sample Letter to Congress and Senate

Simple process for letter writing campaign

UAPLetter from Walker to US Navy



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