The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on this journey to finding the Truth.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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I started out on a quest to uncover the truth about a childhood UFO experience. What I have uncovered has been shocking, horrifying, and awe inspiring. Join me on my journey for the Truth. THIS is my Great Awakening.

2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Dear Teresa,
    I love your story. We desperately need open discussion on this topic, without ridicule or suppression. I am very pleased to see the work you are doing.
    I would like to share with you my own experience, including some of my own findings. I hope that this will provide some more pieces in the jig saw puzzle and lead to a better understanding of where we fit into this huge cosmic story. My investigation may have taken a different direction to yours, but don’t be dissuaded by this. The true picture will likely take decades to evolve and my take on many forms before we achieve a better understanding of the reality we live in.

    Many years ago my brother and I witnessed a UFO chase that resulted in one of the craft crashing into a tree. Two other witnesses were involved. By the time authorities arrived, the craft had taken flight. There was no wreckage from the craft however it left behind significant damage to a tree which still bears visible scars today. The craft involved seemed to be at odds with each other. One appeared to be shooing the other away. The running craft occasionally became “stuck” in mid- flight as if caught by some invisible force. It shook back and forth until it freed itself, and then the chase continued. This occurred a number of times. These craft performed impossible manoeuvres with instant zigzag turns and accelerations. This went on for approximately 15 minutes until eventually one disappeared behind the hill where it crashed. The sighting was reported by Daryl Browne, Stirling, 7th or 8th Feb 1980. You can Google his version of the events (one source is called Project 1947 -from page 20ish). Years later I came across two other witnesses who described similar and separate events that involved a chase. The descriptions given were similar to the chase that I had witnessed. One also involved a crash which was quickly cleaned up by the military, and so my personal investigations began at this point, knowing that extra-terrestrial craft are real and visiting Earth. (ps.I have written this story on a number of UFO web sites under a different name so as to avoid ridicule)

    From my experience described above, there was clearly a “nuts and bolts” aspect to this phenomenon, but I believe there is also much more to it. Around nine years ago I began to re-examine the UFO topic (2009). A great deal of literature exists, including personal accounts and other peoples own investigations. I chose to define my own investigation by looking into three broad categories of information. It would be easy to expand these into many sub categories, but one has to begin somewhere, and keeping a complex topic as simple as possible seemed like a good idea. The three sources of information were:
    1. Eye witness accounts
    2. Abductee/Contactee accounts
    3. Ex-military and Government Personnel
    Each of these categories presented a different aspect to the UFO picture. This search began as a personal interest without any intention to discuss my findings with others, however as it happens, things change, and I can now see urgency in getting information out to people. I will include a short description.
    1. I was able to gloss over eye witness accounts reasonably quickly. Although there are enormous variations in the descriptions of craft, drones, lights in the sky, including supernatural type experiences, the information largely focusses on proving the phenomenon is real. I was not looking for this proof as I was personally satisfied with its existence. I was more interested in finding purpose and meaning, even agenda of this extra-terrestrial presence. I am using the term extra-terrestrial in the sense that it describes intelligent entities that are foreign to our understanding. (MUFON, NUFORC and other witness accounts via the internet provide plenty of fodder for those seeking proof of the phenomenon)
    2. Abductee/ Contactee experiences vary widely. This area of investigation is truly a maze of encounters and experiences beyond our understanding of reality. It includes interactions with entities, spiritual and physical but also includes “aware” craft or drones. That is, objects which appear to respond to a witnesses emotional reaction during an event. Accounts include witnesses taken on craft and taken to other worlds and dimensions. The experience is often coloured by the personal perception or belief systems of the witness. There appears to be a long standing relationship between humanity and the E.T experience, and there appear to be positive and negative aspects involved. My interest is focussed on the modern UFO era and what is occurring in our present environment. Are these forces benevolent or self-serving in nature? What evidence exists that these are the same entities involved in humanity’s past and what is the purpose? I can point to some of the findings that affected my current view. Firstly, I recognise the work of FREE which suggests that 85% of contactees have a neutral to positive experience. In contrast to this, other contactees describe a truly awful experience, including witnessing animal mutilations while the animal is still alive and conscious. Witnesses have described containers of body parts, animal, human and alien, and then other encounters that involve injury and indifference towards the wellbeing of the witness, including death. In these negative accounts the entities appeared to performing tasks necessary for their own purposes without offering significant feedback. Another common thread to the abduction phenomenon is the reproductive aspect and the hybridisation program that features in so many accounts. I personally know people who claim to be part of this program. Both negative and positive experiencers describe this aspect of the contact. This raises the question: are multiple groups involved with hybridisation or is it the same group who sometimes fail to invoke a positive response from the contactee? On the more positive side to these contacts, many describe a life changing event for the better, even if the witness experienced some level of pain, fear or sufferance. Contactees regularly describe increased intuition and perception, and a greater love for Earth and our environment.

    3. Military and government personnel also add another flavour to this story. Ex-employees describe secret programs that involve reverse engineering and weaponising alien technology. Some witnesses describe working with extra-terrestrials to achieve these goals. I have conversed with two people who broadly confirm the existence of military programs. Descriptions of extra-terrestrial autopsies are also consistent with some of the contactee accounts. For example, one autopsy account suggests that the mouth of the common grey entity consists of a short cavity not leading to any obvious digestive system and that it appears nutrition is absorbed through the skin. This is supported by other accounts. One contactee tells a story of when he was a boy, and taken after playing in a band gig. He had a flute with him during the contact experience, which he demonstrated to the E.T. by playing a tune. The E.T copied him and proceeded to stick the flute up its nose in order to blow into it and make a sound. Other contactees describe seeing an E.T exiting a tank filled with liquid. An E.T rested in a capsule which was seen to drain out before the E.T stood up and walked over. They were told that the E.T was in the process of resting and feeding. These are interesting accounts that provide overlapping descriptions of what appear to be physical entities performing physical tasks.

    There are many more accounts involving physical and spiritual experiences. The perceptions of the contactees appear to be significantly influenced by their own beliefs. It is difficult to assess this group at an individual level, but patterns do emerge when looking at multiple reports. Although I feel that it would be premature to judge whether the current E.T intervention is over-all positive or negative in nature, I recognise the complexity and lack of consistency between reports. There are elements of the phenomenon that appear relatively unsophisticated and self-serving in nature. Yet there are also elements that provide learning and insight for those involved. Currently I am unable to reconcile the process of physical intervention with a benevolent purpose. Such an intervention would only divide humanity further. The creation of a superior race on earth will either cause dependence or enslavement and ultimately replacement. The hybridisation program appears to be more consistent with a physical agenda rather than providing humanity spiritual growth at the level of mind. I am also unable to reconcile military/ E.T programs and some of the abduction accounts with a benevolent agenda. It appears that if there are benevolent E.T’s helping humanity, there are also others who are not, and we are unlikely to be able to know the difference between deception and true compassion. My view is that we must proceed with caution, bring this topic into the arena of public discussion and keep an open mind as to the true nature of this E.T presence. It is quite possible humanity is simply part of a much larger natural world that includes helpful and harmful entities.
    I hope this adds to your experience and helps a little in finding the truth. I look forward to your updates and will follow your page.

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